Cordell Hull Institute: Role of the Institute
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A Strategic Approach to Liberalizing Trade

The Institute aims to promote a strategic approach to the liberalization of international trade and investment.  The approach is based on the convergence of long-term national interests and the maintenance, development and extension of the WTO system, itself founded on free-trade principles, private enterprise and open competition.

Reliance on open markets, with private initiative the means of adjustment to changing economic circumstances, is the only durable way, consistent with the rights of the individual, to secure peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among countries. 

Trade and related policies do not mark time; either they are moving forwards or they are moving backwards.  The Institute therefore intends to be proactive in taking up new ideas, proposals and initiatives:

        advancing the liberalization of trade in services, manufactures and agricultural products

        extending the WTO system to investment restrictions and competition laws

        improving the WTO agreement on trade-related aspects of protecting intellectual property rights

        achieving coherence and consistency among WTO rules on regulatory trade measures

        promoting transparency, openness and disclosure in public administration, corporate governance and financial institutions

        enhancing the rule of law to uphold private property rights and laws of contract, critical to the functioning of market economies.

That is a full agenda. Ignoring such issues does not make them go away. For decades political thought, leadership and institutions have not kept pace with the rapid integration of the world economy.

Economic integration does not wait for politicians, commentators and demonstrators to grasp the issues involved. It is becoming more and more critical for public debate to be attuned to changing demands so that decisions are motivated not by fear but by an appreciation of the potential scope for improving standards of living around the world.

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    Cordell Hull Award

    Senator Chuck Grassley (R: Iowa), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, received the Cordell Hull Award on July 14, 2004.  Accepting the Award, he said:

    �We must constantly make the case for open markets, not just inside Washington, but in every city, town and community in the nation. 

    "We must fight aggressively to open new markets.  We need to send a signal to the world that we continue to believe in the power of trade to promote economic and political freedom."