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Policy Forum

Here we share thought-provoking and topical papers, opinions and debates on trade and related issues that have been published by the Institute and elsewhere.

Robert L. Thompson, Chairman, International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council on "Agricultural Dimension of the Doha Round Negotiations: Post Mortem on Hong Kong" (January 10, 2006)

Developing countries are the only potential growth market for agricultural exporters, said Robert L. Thompson, at a meeting of the Cordell Hull Institute to review the outcome of the Hong Kong WTO ministerial conference (more...)


Dr Shuaihua Cheng, Counselor, Shanghai Municipal Development Research Center, on "Scapegoat for failed domestic policies", published in the Financial Times (November 18, 2005)


It was wrong to make global trade a scapegoat for domestic policy failure. Most of these problems arise from domestic unwillingness and incapacity to respond to the opportunities and challenges that trade liberalisation brings (more...)


An open letter from Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of International Political Economy and Founding Director, The Evian Group (November 18, 2005)


The reason we must all take an active interest in global trade policy generally and specifically the current Doha Round is that the implications and consequences go well beyond purely commercial activity and indeed beyond economics (more...)


Dr Barry Desker, Director of the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technology University, on "Doha and Globalisation's Missing Middle" (October 25, 2005)


The WTO is at a crossroads.  Failure to reach substantive agreements on agricultural services liberalisation will prevent the conclusion of the Doha round (more...)


Getting the WTO Negotiations Back on Track (November 25, 2003)


Governments should prepare to re-launch the Doha Round negotiations in 2005 at the World Trade Organization’s ministerial conference in Hong Kong and aim to complete them early in 2007, Clayton Yeutter urged (more...)


Extension of U.S. Trade-negotiating Authority (October 30, 2003)


Delegations to the World Trade Organization in Geneva are struggling, following the Cancun debacle, to find a basis on which to re-start the Doha Round negotiations (more...)


Prospects for Cancun (September 8, 2003)


In a preview of the Cancun Ministerial on September 10-14, David Woods, the former WTO spokesman, said that with governments deadlocked over agriculture it was difficult to foresee a worthwhile agreement (more...)


Avoiding Stalemate in the Doha Round (April 15, 2003)


Peter Sutherland, the WTO�s first director-general, who is now BP�s chairman, said that the �development� perspective of the Doha Round negotiations needs to be more carefully thought through (more...)


Moment of Truth on the Liberalization of Agricultural Trade (24 April, 2003)


Developing countries are the only potential growth market for agricultural exporters, said Robert Thompson, former Director of Agriculture and Rural Development at the World Bank (more...)


Need for Ambitious Objectives in the Doha Round (March 31, 2003)


"The United States believes that this great worldwide venture needs to target grand trade goals: to slash agricultural subsidies and tariffs; to eliminate tariffs on industrial and consumer goods; and (more...)

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