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THE INSTITUTE is being established to promote independent analysis and public discussion of issues in international economic relations - to help foster foresight, initiative and leadership in restoring a sense of long-term direction to the conduct of international economic policies. This it aims to do by…

  • stimulating public debate on underlying problems, especially in the multilateral trading system, administered since 1995 by the World Trade Organization;

    • clarifying issues through studies and study groups that draw on published work, engage analysts in universities, think tanks and professional firms and create interest among leaders of opinion in business, government, the media and societies at large;

    • developing a range of activities that enable the Institute to respond quickly to events, to induce reflection on fundamental issues and to encourage discussion of new ideas, proposals and initiatives

Top Photo: Cordell Hull addressing the U.S. Congress on 18 November 1943 on returning from the Four Power Conference of Foreign Ministers in Moscow that lead to the establishment of the United Nations, the Bretton Woods institutions and the multilateral trading system (Courtesy National Archives)

"Our goal should be the integration of developing countries into the world economy, entailing not only adjustment in industrialized countries to increasing trade with developing ones but also the opening of developing-country markets to stimulate the adjustment and investment needed in them to promote their economic growth and development"

former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and earlier U.S. Trade Representative