Cordell Hull Institute: Activities of the Institute
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How the Institute Works

The Institute endeavors to contribute to the policymaking process by:

        stimulating public discussion, serving as a catalyst in deliberations on policy issues, especially in the multilateral trading system

        clarifying issues through studies and study groups that draw on published work, engage analysts in universities, think tanks and professional firms and excite interest among opinion leaders in business, government, the media and societies at large

        developing a range of activities that enable the Institute to respond quickly to events, to promote reflection on fundamental issues and to encourage discussion of new ideas, proposals and initiatives.

Rather than conduct in-house research, the Institute operates as an �entrepreneurial research center�.  It formulates projects, secures financial support for them and has the work carried out in universities, think tanks and professional firms.

The resulting analyses, ideas and proposals are published and promoted through activities that engage attention in policy-making circles in the United States and abroad.


Activities of the Institute
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Background to the Initiative
Next Phase in the WTO System
Funding of the Institute

After the Protesters Depart

"The anti-globalization protesters have packed their puppets and gone home. The Cordell Hull Institute plans to stay.


"DC�s newest trade think tank, though still in its infancy, boasts an all-star board, as well as a sampling of prominent academics, economists and lawyers.


"The players are unified by their support of free trade, open markets and an integrating world economy.


"They also believe the international community has lost its way when it comes to global economic affairs"

� �The Ideas Industry� column,
The Washington Post,
Washington, DC, April 25, 2000